IoT / data analysis infrastructure services

An integrated Cloud based data management platform, built to analyze massive data generated by a large number of devices.

IoT / data analysis infrastructure services

Data Visualization

Data gathered from a wide range of devices need a integrated database platform in order to provide data services to highly distributed data visualization/analytic tools. Data management is optimized through DB
independent security, monitoring and backup services.


Automated DevOps Platform Services

Dramatically reduce application development time and cost, through a complete DevOps infrastructure implementation.

Period reduction of application development, greatly improving the quality of service to customers shortening, through the like of the release interval

Optimized Application Development Platform

DevOps will integrate corporate IT Development and Operation through agile development and Continuous Delivery/Integration methods, allowing innovative applications delivered in a much faster pace than ever.


Big Data / BI Platform Services

A Polyglot Persistent database system, optimized to integrate multiple database technologies on a single platform, and deliver real-time data analytic services.

Enterprise Ready Data Lake Solution

A multi-database management platform, based on polyglot persistence technology. A wide range of micro-service applications can be implemented for BI.

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