• Consulting of microservices architecture, Design, Introduction
    • Analyzing qualitative effect of microservices
    • Coexistence of existing IT infrastructure and application assets
    • Development of phase-in introduction planning
    • Selection of specific tools, Presentation of Sl plan, Practice
    • Development of container, Introduction of operational infrastructure
  • Consulting of DevOps automation, Design, Introduction
    • Development of current situation / understanding operational environment
    • Selection of accurate DevOps tools, Evaluation, POC
    • measurement of benefits, Evaluation
  • Consulting of big data, Design, Introduction
    • Consulting of multi-database environment by Polyglot Persistence theory
    • Introduction of the Spark infrastructure based on the Hadoop cluster
    • Introduction of Real-time / pre-real-time data Services mainly used NoSQL
    • The introduction of the data source hub as a Data analytics, Visualization solutions

Our technology supports IT industry
which is getting more accelerated and optimized.
It is our mission.

We raise value of your goods and services by combining various software
including open source by offering the technology which is lower cost, faster and more certainty.

The history of the new IT stack.

  1. 2006 AWS

    It has enabled the procurement of easy virtual machine.
    It has enabled the availability of the IT environment with availability, flexibility.
  2. 2010 PaaS

    Heroku etc., application development framework based on a particular methodology.
    Open-source type PaaS appeared: Cloud Foundry, OpenShift etc.
  3. 2011 Automation infrastructure

    Auto Scaling: Providenciales automation of instances on the cloud.
    Development, environment construction, provisioning,
    operations tasks, automation technology etc.
    Cloud native OS: Linux OS that specializes in the operation of container.
  4. 2012 Cloud native companies

    The environment of web application development company such as Airbnb, Square, Stripe, Uber and so on.
    Netflix, Heroku : Cloud native tools by open sourse
  5. Automated infrastructure based on a container in 2014

    Portability :
    Run-time environment moves on all platforms such as Cloud, Virtualization and OS.
    Management :
    Various management functions to a container are offered systematically.

The technology which bears
next-generation IT stack.

An existence of a new software stack.

The productivity drive of a development of application and the corporate activity by employment, IT for the purpose of increase revenue.

  • Not only the operating environment of application but the quality improvement and the cost reduction of a development are main purposes.
  • The argument on a selecting platform does not become direct value.


  • Atlassian
  • Ansible
  • Jenkins


  • Azure Container Service
  • Amazon EC2 Container Service(ECS)
  • rkt(CoreOS)


  • Kubernetes kubernetes

We concentrate on a development and
a management of services at a low price, speed and flexibility.

Please feel free to contact us about consulting of each open source software, design and introductory assistance so on.

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