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Creationline and Rainlab Open Source “Beiran” #beiran

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January 30th, 2019

Rainlab Inc.

Creationline and Rainlab Open Source “Beiran”,
Software to Share Container Images for Docker and Kubernetes

--- Removing Bottleneck in Container Environment ---

We, Creationline Inc. (Head Office: Tokyo, CEO and Representative Director: Tadahiro Yasuda), and our partner, Rainlab Inc. (Head Office: Tokyo, Lead Engineer: Furkan Mustafa) are happy to announce that we will start providing “Beiran(https://beiran.io/)“ as an open source software. “Beiran” is a software for sharing container images that leverages P2P technology, and is compatible with both Docker and Kubernetes*. Since it is still in heavy development stage, from this point onwards, we will be welcoming new contributors for its further development.
*Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

■ Background
The more you use Docker/Kubernetes, the more issues you face regarding a large-scale container environment operation.
While using these technologies enables applications to start up and running almost immediately by Docker container, downloading Docker images has been a bottleneck for its startup speed.
Additionally, as Docker Registry (the system to manage Docker images) becomes burdened, the system occasionally requires some load balancer tweaking.

“Beiran” leverages P2P technology to speed up retrieving application images (i.e. downloading Docker images). In case the other servers within the network already have some of the subjected images, Beiran downloads the images in a distributed and paralleled way from such servers within the network, instead of from the container image server on the Internet.
This is how “Beiran” can remove the bottleneck when using Docker/Kubernetes and enables applications to start up and running almost immediately in the large-scale container environment.

Figure 1: Architecture of “Beiran”

Figure 2: How to use “Beiran” in Docker environment

Creationline Inc. and Rainlab Inc. will continue developing and open sourcing more software, optimized to solve Docker/Kubernetes operational issues.

Established in January 2006, CREATIONLINE, Inc. holds advanced expertise in fields of Cloud, OSS, Agile, DevOps, Data analysis, Machine learning, and more.
It consists of engineers with high capability in:
1) Designing HA networks and storages
2) Designing and developing advanced software such as microservices or data analysis algorithm creation
3) Contributing to efficient operation monitoring towards various services in infrastructure and its upper layers by automation and other technical know-hows.
It has a track record of many achievements toward its customers, which are national and international major telecom service enterprises, datacenter enterprises, or service providers.
Our mission: 'To accelerate the society advancement by IT innovation together with our clients,'
For more information regarding our business and services, please visit our website:

■About Rainlab Inc.
Established in December 2012, Rainlab Inc. is a technology company located in Tokyo to develop and design software. It also functions as the development department of CREATIONLINE, Inc.
Having specialty field in Linux/FLOSS, Rainlab Inc. consists of international engineers to provide advanced technologies in container environment such as Docker and Kubernetes, architect and management of work process, and automation. Rainlab Inc. also provides user experience research, UI design, API and client application development and consulting.
Office: Suginami-ku, Tokyo
Website: https://rainlab.co.jp

■For inquiries about this press release:
Kondo, Marketing dept, CREATIONLINE, inc.
TEL: 03-5829-8355
E-mail: sales@creationline.comTEL: 03-5829-8355

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