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Offer of high-functioning appliance style private cloud in all-in-one package – small to middle sized private cloud now can be easily implemented –

Offer of high-functioning appliance style private cloud in all-in-one package – small to middle sized private cloud now can be easily implemented –

Creationline, Inc. (Headquater: Chiyoda, Tokyo; CEO: Tadahiro Yasuda; Creationline for short), providing Cloud Integration Services, will be offering high-functioning appliance style private cloud, CLoudsBox from 9/2/2013 (Mon). CLoudsBox utilizes “Citrix® CloudPlatform powered by Apache CloudStack,” which is a commercial version of CloudStack™.
Generally system integrators design and construct private cloud and it is time consuming and costly. However, hardware, software, and architecture, which are necessary for constructing private cloud infrastructure, are packaged in CLoudsBox so that it can be implemented in an organization easily and quickly. In addition, it can be operated with secu:rity because Japanese-speaking technicians from Creationline will handle failure of CloudStack during operation. We recommend this product to organizations that are considering implementing small environment private cloud, want to transfer some servers to private environment while using public cloud, or cannot use public cloud environment due to their policy of data security and governance.

Composition of CLoudsBox is simple; one management server, two computing nodes, one NFS storage node, and a switch for managing network. It assumes operation with 20VMs (1vCPU/2GB *CPU overcommit is assumed). Dell PowerEdge™ R620 is adopted, realizing superior productivity under strict constraint of space with high-density rack design(*). For more detail, please see /cloudstack/cloudsbox/. We plan to link “Chef,” cloud configuration management system, and “CL@FT,” an application developed by us which helps CloudStack operation, to CLoudsBox. We also plan to provide a configuration that adopts “Amage,” scale-out NAS released on 7/30/2013.

*Creationline participates in Open Standard Cloud Association (OSCA™) and we provide appliance with configuration with security whose operation has been verified through joint verification of OSCA program. The joint verification constructed cloud system by CloudStack and verified it. Data obtained is open to public. Please click here for more detail.

■ Features
1. Easy-to-install appliance type: Hardware selection is not necessary. The package including all the necessary things can be easily installed.
2. Instant delivery: Instant delivery with the shortest period of 4 weeks is possible..
3. Ensuring security governance: Installation of private environment in an enterprise can provide data security while providing convenience to users.
4. High compatibility and transferability: Adoption of CloudStack enables coordination with more kinds of public cloud and enhances transferability.
5. Maintenance with security: Our dedicated engineer provides support in Japanese when failure in CloudStack occurs. Inquiry in English is not necessary.

■ Price
5,980,000 yen (before taxes)~

■ Spec
マネジメントノード: Management node
コンピューティングノード: Computing node
*For more details about the contents of the package, please see /cloudstack/cloudsbox/

■ Endorsement from Citrix Systems Japan K.K.:
We sincerely welcome the release of the product. Creationline and Citrix announced a business tie-up in 4/2012 for expansion of cloud business and have promoted installation of CloudStack™ and Citrix® CloudPlatform to many clients. We expect that installation by more and more clients will be promoted by the expansion of the solution by Creationline which improves our products’ added value.

Kazunori Suzuki
Citrix Systems Japan K.K.
Director Cloud Networking Solution Division and partner business in charge

■ Endorsement from Dell, Inc.
Dell welcomes “CloudStack appliance” at Creationline, Inc. Dell and Creationline have jointly implemented PoC (Proof-of-Concept) regarding the most suitable configuration of CloudStack through Open Standard Cloud Association (OSCA™) technical subcommittee. Then this verified and preconfigured appliance, adopting Dell PowerEdge server, makes CloudStack-based private cloud construction simple and prompt. Dell, through various activities such as OSCA™ and under close cooperative relationship with Creationline, continues to provide the most suitable solutions to our clients.

Eisaku Machida
Dell Inc.
Executive Officer, Director of Enterprise Solutions headquarters

■About Creationline,Inc.

Established in January 2006.
Creationline has substantial experience in designing, building system using cloud technology. We are a technological group which provides advanced cloud integration services for many major communication companies, data center companies and game companies.

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