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In order to provide useful real data for users as they execute cloud migration, we make a partnership contract with Cloud Spectator Company that offers the service of cloud migration examination and comparision.

May 28 2014

In order to provide useful real data for users as they execute cloud migration, we make a partnership contract with Cloud Spectator Company that offers the service of cloud migration examination and comparision.

Creationline Inc. (Head Office is located at Chiyoda District, Tokyo, President: Yasuda Tadahiro) providing cloud integration service makes a partnership contract with Cloud Spectator Company (Head Office is located at Boston, US, CEO: Kenny Li), which supports the service of cloud provider examination and data transfer, and consulting of cloud migration.

Since 2011 Cloud Spectator Company has provided the services of providing data comparision and examination of cloud provider for over 20 companies as well as the service of consulting and analysis of those cloud-related troubleshootings. Creationline has incorporated with Cloud Spectator Company as their partner to offer the examination data of every cloud service under their ownership. Also, we have provided the service of consulting the cloud migration to end users once the analysis result have been claimed.
 Since last year,, Creationline has provided the server management tool, "Re:cook"cloud migration, offered by Chef . To satisfy our users' inquiries such as "Which cloud provider should we choose?", We have been helping our customers to choose best cloud provider for them with the help of Cloud Spectator and their relatable data.
We are determined to continue cloud support & operation services and cloud migration consulting service for our users by utilizing expanding research data from Cloud Spectator.
Please find a comment of CEO Kenny Li of Cloud Spectator Company.
 ”We are so happy to be able to share our research date of cloud providers with companies in Japan and as well as the entire Asia in order to help them choose a suitable provider for them. This has been made possible due to our partnership with Creationline, which has excellent technology and skills of cloud management tool, OpenStack, Cloudstack, and Chef. We expect that the partnership with Creationline leads us to a new potential market. ”

Here is screenshot of the portal of Cloud Spectator.


And here is screenshot of the report of Cloud Spectator


<Features of Cloud Spectator>

  1. Always provide the latest data
    Everyday, Cloud Provider collects data and executes over 70 tests automatically for many times.
  2. Provide not only the data performances but also the data values.
    While performance is the important evaluation standard, many business users consider the the price and the return on investment as they purchase cloud infrastructure. Consequently, Cloud Spectator makes it easy to offer the price by performance comparision corresponding to score (1-100) and specification index.
    For instance, let's compare the performance of Provider A got the score of 50 and Provider B got the score of 100. In this case, provider B will offer the performance twice that of provider A with the same case. Thus, the provider offering the best quality can gain score of 100, and scores of other providers would be calculated with a basis of the provider with 100 score.
  3. Support the independent examination as well
    We have provided not only the available SaaS model, but also the independent application on demand. It is possible to use the examination system provided by Cloud Spectator on every cloud provider.

■ About Creationline, Inc.
Creationline, Inc. was established in January 2006. Creationline is an engineer group that actively supports various open source community, and got many archivements in designing and building cloud technology. Creationline has provided the service of sophisticated cloud integration, for many dosmetic and oversea cooperations, engineers at data centers, game company, and more. Please visit our website at / for more information.

■ About Cloud Spectator Company
Cloud Spectator known as the independent cloud computing analysis engineer group , located in Boston-Massachusetts, supports the decision and selection of cloud provider and information to enterprise by collecting and examining data related to IaaS cloud providers. Cloud Spectator also supports users to execute the examination and evaluation of performances and values of wide range of cloud providers, and to gain high profits as they bought cloud infrastructure.
For more service information, please visit our website:http://www.cloudspectator.com/

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