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Creationline in partnership with SoftLayer has started to provide various services.

june 5 2014

Creationline in partnership with Softlayer has started to provide various services.

Creationline Inc. (Head Office is located at Chiyoda District, Tokyo, President: Yasuda Tadahiro) providing cloud integration service makes a partnership contract with SoftLayer, an IBM Company (SoftLayer) to offer various professional service for IaaS.

Creationline did start to provide the professional service of monitoring, operating, building, and planning related to this SoftLayer.  


Creationline, which provides cloud migration service, did offer the service of operating, building, planing the suitable system for every cloud service, special for the enterprise that would like to use cloud technology. Also, Creationline has released the Spectator (/cloudspectator/) service in order to select and examine the best cloud service. Creationline does support to operation, to build, and to plan the system for matching with customer's requirements by using SoftLayer provider by utilizing the knowhow of cloud usage which has been fostered for a long time as well. Creationline is going to provide the migration tool and SoftLayer introduction and SoftLayer WEB-UI (User Interface) in Japanese.

■ About Creationline, Inc.
Creationline, Inc. was established in January 2006. Creationline is an engineer group that actively supports various open source community, and got many archivements in designing and building cloud technology. Creationline has provided the service of sophisticated cloud integration, for many dosmetic and oversea cooperations, engineers at data centers, game company, and more. Please visit our website at / for more information.

■ About SoftLayer
As we know that SoftLayer is one of the major IaaS providers, which offers 22,000,000 domains to create the website and owns 201,000 customers all over the world by using over 100,000 working servers. According to the news presented last day, In the middle of 2014 April, SoftLayer is going to build 15 data centers in the world in which Hong Kong is the first place for setting. They are also planning to build to a maximum of 40 data centers for enlarging the scale in the future. Please visit their website at http://www.ibm.com/cloud-computing/jp/ja/softlayer.html for more information.

■ Contact Information for Press Release:
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