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About establishment of “Open Compute Project Japan”

17th January 2013

About twenty Japanese companies including Creationline have set up “Open Compute Project Japan”, which shares intellectual property regarding open-source based cloud base technology and open compute projects.

“Open Compute Project Japan”

Due to expansion of cloud computing, data centers will require more expansion and increase in size. Data centers, as a social infrastructure, are not only required to improve their processing speed, but also required to take environmental measures such as cost performance and reduction in consumption of electricity. We believe that inspection of the system specifications of factors of data center facility (server, air condition, electricity, etc.) that realize high efficiency, and realization of open-modeling and sharing of the knowledge make standardization of the industry and easy construction of highly efficient and large-scale data centers.

Open Compute Project (OCP), which is a community of engineers and proposed by Facebook, Inc. in April 2011, designs the most efficient hardware such as server, storage, and data center, and provides them. “Open Compute Project Japan” (OCPJ) will affirm OCP’s activities, advertise OCP’s existence and significance, make proposals from Japan.

Not that the transition phase from past hardware vendor-lead model to data center operator or service provider-lead model is about to be seen, we would like to contribute to the industry and end users by promoting a world-wide eco system, pursuing highly efficient and low cost data center.

<Main activities>

(1) Sharing achievements of Open Compute Project and making proposals from Japan
(2) Sharing technical information with domestic facility engineers
(3) Open-sourcing related technology in Japan
(4) Conducting operation tests (Operation measurement) with up-to-date data centers
(5) Conducting operation tests of energy saving, total optimization, and operation methods
(6) Translating overseas information and specifications
(7) Discussing disclosure of information and sharing method
(8) Operation of knowledge sites