Version 1.1
April 20, 2017

CEO Tadahiro Yasuda

Creationline’s main business is in the fields of system integration, operations, and technical support. As we further our business in such fields, information assets (information and information systems) have proven to be our most important corporate assets, and the source of our profits.

It is also our social responsibility to forestall and prevent information security incidents from occurring.

We promise to handle our information assets properly and safely in order to protect them from security threats. We shall practice information security in line with our management strategy, and thereby live up to our customers’ trust.

1. We have established the following security objectives, and are committed to ensuring the implementation of various measures to achieve these objectives.

[Security Objectives]
- Respect and abide by contracts with customers, and legal or regulatory requirements.
- Forestall and prevent information security incidents from occurring.

2. Creationline works to institute and operate an information security management system (ISMS), by defining guidelines based on the top management’s resolutions regarding information security. We strive to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of important assets by continuously securing the effectiveness of our ISMS.

3. Creationline has appointed an Information Security Manager and an Information Security Committee for the operation of our ISMS, and continues to maintain the organizational structure necessary for its operation.

4. We define systematic procedures and evaluation standards for assessing risks, and take appropriate measures based on these risk assessments, in order to maintain a low risk level for all important assets handled by the company.

5. We regularly provide training to all employees to maintain and improve our ISMS and evaluate its effectiveness.

6. The scope of application is defined in another document.