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“Cloudian”, a cloud storage software fully compliant with S3 REST API.

"Cloudian(R)" is a packaged software product able to construct cloud storage systems fully compliant with S3 REST API.

Cloudian's (http://www.cloudian.jp/) Cloudian(R) is a packaged software product used for commercial cloud storage services as it implements functions such as statistics and billing functions, user and group management functions and usage volume control functions which are all required for providing services. Recently, there has been an increase in need for application use from company-level users with the same S3 REST API compliance as public clouds for existing models of storage devices such as NAS/SAN supplemented by private clouds. As a result, provisioning conditions for enterprises have been added to the existing services for cloud service businesses.

Features of Cloudian(R) are as follows.

Fully compliant S3 REST API (※)
Starting with the file sharing service "Dropbox", applications, appliances and tools which use the Amazon S3 REST API have climbed into the hundreds and is starting to become the de facto standard for S3 ecosystem cloud storager. Cloudian(R) users are able to use such applications which use the S3 REST API without refinement.

High expandability, flexibility, reliability and availability
Cloudian(R) has the expandability and flexibility to allow cloud service businesses and enterprises to increase their cluster's stored data size economically to match increases in data volume just by adding general-purpose IA servers. Through its datacenters in multiple regions (multi-datacenter) for purposes of DR, Cloudian(R) offers high reliability and availability in the event of server failure and is able to auto-recover and auto-rebalance through automatically replicating data to its multiple servers. To achieve this we utilize NOSQL database together with the implementation of our proprietary developed "HyperStore(TM)" technology to raise the use efficiency of the hard-disks and of performance.

Cloudian(R) is a registered trademark of Cloudian K.K.
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(※) S3 REST API:is an open and widespread API (application programming interface) for Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), a cloud storage service provided by AWS (Amazon Web Service) using the REST (Representational State Transfer) method.