Creationline's vision is to bring about the evolution of society through innovation made possible by information technology, together with our clients.

We are a company of IT professionals with extensive experience and knowledge of cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, OSS, Agile, DevOps, data analysis and machine learning. With this expertise, we work with our clients to provide a variety of added value to society, thereby contributing to the evolution of society and people.

Taking on the role of an "innovation engine," we work with clients to develop and deliver disruptive business models that are not constrained by existing stereotypes. In doing so, we hope to maximize our clients' value.

Many industries, including manufacturing and finance, are beginning to shift to in-house IT, under the policies of Open Innovation and Digital Innovation, and with the objective of becoming a Software Defined Enterprise.

However, the stagnant flow of engineers in Japan (especially in large companies) has not aided such objectives. And as a result, there has been little progress in IT innovation, reducing Japan's competitiveness in the global market.

Our mission is to strengthen the competitiveness of Japan’s industries, and we promote initiatives to achieve this goal.

Specifically, we introduce and promote technologies such as cloud computing, OSS, Agile software development, and DevOps in various industries, providing new value to many people.

Our vision is to present and provide new value to society/industries together with our clients.

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*"HRT" is an acronym that stands for Humility, Respect, and Trust.
Quoted from the book Team Geek.

January 2018
CEO Yasuda Tadahiro


Company Name Creationline,inc.
Location Headquarters
3-6 Kandasakuma-cho
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access / Street viewToyama Office
Ikeda Building 3F
3-2-9 Hanazono-cho
Toyama-shi, Toyama
Board of Directors Founder & CEO Tadahiro Yasuda
Board Member & CTO Yasuhiro Arai
Board Member Takeshi Narisako
Founded January,2006
Capital 221 Million Yen
Shareholders Board Members
Legal Advisor TMIAssociates Tetsuya Oi
Certifications ISMS
Main Business
  • Agile Software Development Support Services
  • Subscription Business
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