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Creationline have started OSS solution for implementation and support services on Microsoft Azure.

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March 23rd, 2016

to: Press Editors

Creationline, Inc.

Creationline have started OSS solution for implementation and support services on Microsoft Azure.

The solution will be mainly provided for DevOps and Data Analysis.

Creationline Inc. – head quarter:: in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tadahiro Yasuda announced today that it started support services for implementing and support services for Open Source Software(OSS) on Microsoft’s public cloud Microsoft Azure. Creationline was appointed as authorized partner of “Cloud Solution Provider Program”(CSP) of Microsoft Japan(located in Minato-ku Tokyo, CEO: Takuya Hirano) and this service is provided by extending the CSP.
Creationline has started supporting implementation of OSS and its support service on Microsoft Azure, as Creationline is providing OSS solution such as Docker, Chef, Hashicorp, Mesos, MongoDB, Neo4j, Spark etc. and they have very good match with Microsoft’s OSS strategies, and considering Microsoft’s track record and reliability.
In addition to various service components on Microsoft Azure, the broad product line of Creationline will form unique ecosystem which other companies cannot provide and enable the service qualities much higher,

 Extract from Microsoft’s data

  1. DevOps on Azure
    1. DevOps Consulting Service
      In order for enterprises to implement DevOps seriously, not only reviewing development policies and IT environment with existing tools for development but also the preparation for the culture is required. Our professional consultants of DevOps will work together with customers by coordinating these issues, and provide consulting service for maximizing DevOps solution. (From Jpy500,000 in workshop form)
    2. DevOps Implementation Support Service(Including evaluation of tools)
      Not only implementing DevOps tools and its related middleware but also we will develop and implement automation, monitoring, back up and security solutions. It is possible to start with 1 system in a single department and deploy it to the entire enterprise. (Implementing period depends on project size, Minimum 1 week, and From Jpy2mil)
    3. DevOps Quick Start Service
      We provide a package of tools that are required for DevOps as ”DevOps on Azure” on Microsoft Azure. Each tools are delivered as Docker image. Users can get DevOps environment that automatically work together with Microsoft Azure PaaS “Web Apps” by just deploying them on Microsoft Azure. Implementation support with workshop form is also available. (Implementing period: 2 – 3 days, Jpy 1 mil. Including image file.)


  2. Data Analysis Solution Service
    Creationline also start providing Data Analysis Solution on Microsoft Azure with OSS. The OSS solution such as Apache Spark、MongoDB、Elastic、Neo4j will be provided in implementing, building and support service on Microsoft Azure. Also, not only building and implementing the service components such as Azure HDInsight and Azure Data Lake that Microsoft is providing, but also provide the services of development of Data Analysis Algorithm by data analyst..
    * For instance, service infrastructure of handling unstructured data for IoT device, we can provide by customizing the PaaS ”WebApp" on Microsoft Azure and Docker image including MongoDB based on customer needs. By this way, customer can deploy in 1/25 time on premise system from scratch. More flexible new services can be deployed to the market by this.

Microsoft Japan hearty welcome the Creationline’s services and support on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft thank Creationline’s announcement today, who is very strong in cloud native integration business, and understood Microsoft’s efforts for OSS.
We believe that many users can enjoy the best and comfortable environment of DevOps, Data Analysis solution provided by Creationline on Microsoft Azure in the current trend of cloud needs.

Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
Executive officer
Developer Evangelism General Manager
Katsura Ito

- About Creationline Inc.
Established in Jan. 2006. Creationline is a company that consists of number of engineers specialized in cloud technologies from the dawn of cloud era, .and its mission is to provide the “best infrastructure” for the customers. Creationline Inc. provides professional service for cloud implementation and MSP service based on the experience and knowledge from many business cases, also bring various value for the customers.
For more details on its business and services, please visit /

-Questions and inquiries for this press release:
Creationline Inc.
Sales & Marketing
K. Kondo
Tel: 03-5829-8355   e-mail: sales@creationline.com

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