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Creationline, Inc. enhances partnership with Map R Technologies, Inc. to expand its data analysis business based on Spark

August 1 2016

Creationline, Inc.

Creationline, Inc. enhances partnership with Map R Technologies, Inc. to expand its data analysis business based on Spark

MapR Converged Platform is a flexible integrated data analytics platform with MapR-FS as its core, which is compatible with Hadoop Distributed Filesystem (HDFS) developed independently by MapR technologies. In addition to conventional Hadoop, it has new functionalities such as Apache Spark, a scalable data analytics framework, MapR-DB, a high-performance database, and MapR-DB, a pub-sub type data stream platform. Number of enterprises have track record of MapR Converged Platform, not only in Japan, but also globally.

Through the strong partnership with MapR Technologies, Inc., Creationline, Inc. will reinforce:

1. Promotion of data analytics business based on Spark regardless of its license reselling.
2. Provision and integration of data analytics platform (high-performance platform, schemer less SQL query engine, scalable data stream framework) for enterprises
3. Better real-time data application by the solution combining MapR-DB and Map-R Streams with Elasticsearch
4. Promotion and edification of frameworks to manage clusters and next-generation resources management including Apache Mesos and Apache Myriad

Creationline, Inc. has provided data analytics and integration services with multiple companies including data analytics project with Alpine, Inc. Based on this reseller contract, Creationline, Inc. will expand its business of data analytics.

Endorsement from MapR Technologies

We welcome the announcement of enhanced partnership with Creationline, Inc. MapR have had technical partnership for Appache Drill and Spark with them. This partnership will enhance not only in technical field but also in business one, and will help us develop even more solutions which will eventually expand our business. They can provide the customers analysis from batch to real-time and from Hadoop clusters to the resource management in data center, and we can say the strong partner who can support the needs along with latest and highest technologies and OSS has joined.
Yoshiaki Hirabayashi,
Country manager, MapR Technologies, Inc.

About Creationline, Inc.
Established in January, 2006, it consists of group of engineers with high technologies and know-hows for; 1) designing high availability network and storage system 2) high technologies to design and develop the software for micro-service systems and data analysis algorithm 3) realizing efficient monitoring and operation with automation for the services from infrastructure to higher layers. Also, Creationline has many track records for telecom carriers in Japan and overseas, IDCs and service providers. Please refer to Web Site for more details of its business and services.