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Creationline, Inc. launches consultation & integration services in Japan for Hashicorp, Inc. products & Technology

April 14,2015

Creationline, Inc.

Creationline, Inc. launches consultation & integration services in Japan for Hashicorp, Inc. products & Technology

Creationline will launch consultation and integration services for Hashicorp’s technology and products within Japan.
Currently the products and technology offered by Hashicorp is Vagrant, Packer, Terraform, Serf, Consul, and also the recently announced integrated solution, Atlas .


The services that are offered are:

  1. HashiCorp integration consultation
  2. HashiCorp product training
  3. HashiCorp product integration

Training Service:
Hands-On training (5 hours) onsite/remote

“HashiCorp supports Creationline's efforts to provide consultation and integration services for HashiCorp's technology. Creationline is an expert in cloud integration, and we entrust their experience and knowledge to handle our product and technology. We strongly believe Hashicorp’s technology will be accelerated in the Japanese market through their effort. ”

“We appreciate Hashicorp’s support in this initiative.” says Tadahiro Yasuda, CEO of Creationline, Inc. “We look forward to support our already growing number of customers who use Hashicorp’s technology, already identifying great value in their IT platforms. Creationline has a successful track record in Cloud Computing integration projects, and combining that experience with Hashicorp’s philosophy (The Tao of Hashicorp), we strongly believe we can establish a completely new and improved solution in the IT lifecycle.”

■ HashiCorp, Inc.
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■ Creationline, Inc.
Creationline, Inc. was established in January 2006. Creationline is an engineer group that actively supports various open source community, and got many archivements in designing and building cloud technology. Creationline has provided the service of sophisticated cloud integration, for many dosmetic and oversea cooperations, engineers at data centers, game company, and more. Please visit our website at / for more information.

■ Contact information
Creationline, Inc.
Contact name = Kondo
phone 03-5829-8355
E-mail: sales@creationline.com